PDF editing

It is easy to create or edit a PDF in our IT rooms. Therfore two programs are installed:

  • PDFCreator
  • PDFTKBuilder

Create a PDF: short instructions

You have the possibility to create a PDF in our IT rooms by using Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, or Powerpoint. You can create it by clicking on 'Datei' > 'Speichern unter'. In the new window you can choose your file format and save it.

If you want to use a different programm you can also create a PDF with the program PDFCreator:

  1. Open your file and click on print (or in german 'Datei Drucken')
  2. Choose the PDFCreator as priner
  3. Click on the printing button ('Drucken'); now the PDFCreator opens.
  4. The last step is to create the PDF with the PDFCreator and save it in your desired directory.

Picture instruction:

PDFTK Builder: short instructions

With the PDFTK Builder you can connect several single PDF files to one whole PDF. By doing this you can save printing costs for the many cover sheets, which otherwise would be printed.

Also you can use the PDFTK Builder to split one PDF into several smalle PDFs. 

Here is an easy short instruction:

  1. Strat the PDFTKBuilder by going to the directory Start > Programme > Tools > PDFTKBuilder.
  2. Drag & drop the single PDFs  into the field: "Source PDF Document(s)". With the settings 'Move UP' & 'Move Down' you can sort each PDF document.
  3. Save the new PDF by clicking on the Button 'Save As'.

    Picture instruction