Printer support

Maintenance and daily check

During our tour once a week, the funtionality of the printers in the IT rooms is checked. Maintenance work, such as the replacement of toner, paper, etc. are performed by ITW staff.

Please also note our german NEWS page and current notices on the manufacturer-related maintenance. In order to carry out his work, there may be short-term disruptions in the printing operation or closing of the rooms.

Filling up paper

The DIN A4 printers in the IT rooms of the ITW are filled as standard with white DIN A4 80g/m2 paper. Trays with different paper weigth are marked on the printer itself.

The paper supply in the printers is checked and filled when needed.
If the paper tray is empty due to high printer output, please contact the help desk.

Changing of toner and printing cartridges

Toner levels are checked daily by ITW staff. If you find that toner is already running out of paint you can report it to the helpdesk.