Printing at the ITW

It is possible for students and staff to use the printers and the plotter in the IT-rooms (DGL01, DGL11, EGL12, PU26) according to the terms of use of the ITW. Altogether there are six DIN A4 black and white laserprinters and two DIN A4 colour laserprinters available for use.

You can check the status of your print quota under
"Druckerwertmarken" to charge your balance can be acquired at the Helpdesk.

All printers are usually stocked with 80g/m² white standard paper, which is very eco-friendly and environmental certified:

ISO 9706 Standard paper duration standard
ECF elementary-chlorine-free,
woodfree woodfree paper is made from cellulose that no longer includes lignin.
seal of origin our paper is made from renewable raw material, grown in europe

The maintainance of the printers is only to be carried out by ITW staff
this includes: restocking paper, removing paper jams, changing toner.

Printouts that were forgotten in the printer are once a day collected by ITW staff and stored at the Helpdesk for at most one week.

In case of a disturbance in the printing system you can contact us by e-mail or telephone (-3245) .