Web- und Mailserver

The ITW manages the central web and mail server of the Wissenschaftszentrum Weihenstephan for food, land use and the enviroment. In addition, ITW manages the domain wzw.tum.de and its subdomains.

After applying for a user ID, the following services are available to employees and institutes of the WZW:


  • Websites for institutes
  • Websites for employees (Public HTML)

Mail Server:

Radius Server:

  • Modem access to the university network

Usage statistics of the servers:

  • E-mail traffic, web server load and number of logged in users

Informations about registering with the ITW cluster

To use the campus servers of the Weihenstephan ScienceCenter, you need an ID that you can apply for at the Weihenstephan Information Technology. In order to ensure the use of the computers on the campus in accordance with the tasks of research and teaching, we are obliged to takecertain protective measures against unauthorized access and misuse. To ensure this, you will be assigned a personal license plate and password. In your own interest, please change this password immediately (https://www.wzw.tum.de). Thedirectories of the individual users are by default also readable by the other users. If you For example, if you want to prevent general access to the data, you should change the access rights accordingly (see instructions). If you haveany questions about configuration, e.g. concerning profiles, paths, environment etc., we are happy to advise you. For wishes, suggestions or criticism, we are always open!