Support at the WZW

For employees the ITW offers extensive support for hard- and software. Amongst others we help with:

  • Problem solving with hard- and software
  • Setting up programs, E-mail accounts etc.
  • Setting up of hardware and peripheral devices
  • Server-support (E-mail and professorship-drives)
  • Website-support (Typo3 etc.)
  • and much more

In all cases you can contact us per E-mail or call us.

For setting up your E-mail and other servers please mind our respective support pages.

IT-Support München

The IT-Support München is responsible for all issues regarding TUM-Online, Moodle. It furthermore handles the support for the administrational units.

For more information visit the website of the IT-Support München.

If your not sure which support to contact just get in touch with us.

Services of the LRZ

If you have problems with equipment (network ports, switches etc.) please contact the LRZ. For these reasons the LRZ is offering a Service-Desk. There you can report troubles and similar things directly.

If you are not sure if the issue is regarding the LRZ you can initially contact the ITW-Helpdesk. There we will foward your problem to the responsible institution.