Opening hours helpdesk

From 24.12.2021 to 09.01.2022 inclusive, the helpdesk will be closed.
For urgent requests please send an email to helpdesk[at]

The helpdesk is accessible from 02.11.2021 without appointment during regular opening hours.

The helpdesk is still open for technical questions and problems, but contact is possible exclusively by email to helpdesk[at]

Due to the requirements of the 15th BayIfSMV, the following restrictions apply to entering the helpdesk:

  • For employees: 3G+ (Vaccinated/recovered/PCR-tested)
  • All other persons: 2G (Vaccinated/recovered)

We will keep you informed about changes via the ITW homepage.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your Helpdesk Team

CIP ROOMS open for student work


Due to the requirements of the 15th BayIfSMV, the restriction to 2G (vaccinated / recovered) applies to entering the rooms

All further information can be found here.

The Information Technologie Weihenstephan (ITW) carries in a vast number of services to our lifestyle on Campus Weihenstephan (WZW).

The key tasks of ITW are both to maintain the WZW servers and to give web-, mail- and file-assistance service for roughly 1500 co-laborators and approximately 4600 students. About 150 Personal Computers are distributed to our five IT rooms. All of the IT rooms can be used with a free 24h account.

The IT rooms are frequently checked and maintained. Part of this service is to audit the IT rooms, to plan the room distribution and to install and maintain the specific software suites installed on each computer. 

Besides the ITW coordinates both the requests for scientific workstations (WAP) and the Computer-Investment-Programm (CIP).