Please note:

Due to maintenance work the number of computers as also the equipping of the IT rooms can vary. If there occur any questions please contact the ITW Helpdesk.

Number of workstations

  • 30 Workstations
  • 1 Teachers workstation

Hardware equipping

  • Dell Precision Tower 3420 XCTO
    Intel Core i7-6700, 16 GB RAM
    512 GB SSD-Drive
    DVD-Rom drive (CDs, DVDs read and burn)
    Intel HD Graphics 530
  • 24''-Flatscreen

For lessons

  • Beamer
  • Mikrophone


  • two DIN A4 s/w-Laser printer
  • one DIN A4 Farb-Laser printer


  • basic-software
    Microsoft Windows 10, 7-Zip, Adobe Reader, CDBurnerXP, Citavi, CodeBlocks, DIA, Mozilla Firefox, Ghostscript, GIMP, Inkscape, Irfanview, JRE (Java 8), Microsoft Office 2016, Notepad++, PDFCreator, PDFTK Builder, PUTTY, R!, Rstudio, Scribus, Sophos Anti Virus, TeXstudio, VirtualBox, WinSCP, VLC Media Player, Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player 24/25, Autodesk, Microsoft Visual C++ (2005,2008,2010,2012,2013)
  • professional-software
    Adobe Creative Suite Design Standard, ArcGIS, Autodesk Product Design Suite 2015, Clustal X, eCognition, Endnote, Genedoc, Geomatica, Google Earth, Image Magick, MEGA, Octave, OpenLCA, Phylip, PlasmaDNA, SPSS, VensimPLE, VeraCrypt, VMWare View Client, Windows XP-Mode, Python 2.7.5, Eco Materials Adviser, LPJ-GUESS Education 3.0, MikTex 2.9, Visual Studio 2010, Mockup 360 Addin 2015, MSXML 4.0 SPZ, VM VirtualBox 5.0, RSI Envi 4.3